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What I Offer

Services: Doula Services
Sleeping Baby

Custom Care

The Whole Package is built with you and your particular needs, to help you plan for a comfortable and successful start to your parenting journey.  This package includes a prenatal visit to ensure a solid plan for immediately after delivery. We will consult on breastfeeding, family and friends support, home setup, labour and delivery, and any other questions you have before the baby comes, to create and plan a postpartum sanctuary plan. 

Lactation education and support will be available immediately after the baby is born to help with troubleshooting and any difficulties that might be encountered. To ensure the best start for you, your family and your new baby.

We will also practice Breath Control Therapy techniques that will allow for calm and comfort during labour, delivery and breastfeeding and help with postpartum moods, emotions and healing. We will meet once a week after the baby is born for 6 weeks. During this time you may text or call for additional support at any time.

The Whole Package - $1000

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Breathe In - Breathe Out

Breath Control Therapy can help you gain control over your sleep, emotions, heart rate, and nervous system. I offer individual and group Breath Control Therapy Classes that will help reduce anxiety, and stress, improve relationships and sleep, as well as strengthen the pelvic floor and mood control. 

My Classes include

  • Intro to Breath

  • Personalized Breath Control Session

  • Breath and Heart Connection

  • Breathe for Relaxation


Individual, couples, and group sessions are available by request.

Keep an eye on my Instagram account for upcoming group classes. @breathofawoman


Individual or group- prices will vary.




When can I start?
Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Lactation Support

As a Lactation Specialist, I pride myself on providing safe, informative, gentle tools and techniques to allow for the optimal outcome for you and your baby's feeding process. 


With my guidance, information, and techniques, I offer unwavering support to help prepare you for all the experiences that come with breastfeeding your baby. 


I will provide you with valuable information, skills, strategies, and helpful tools to guide you through the breastfeeding journey.  


I also offer Breath Control Therapy which can help you connect to your body and nervous system and alleviate some of the breastfeeding challenges.  


1hr visit - $90


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Breathing Through Your Cycle

With my breathing guidance, you will gain a management plan to support you throughout your menstrual cycle. Wouldn't it be nice to understand your moods and cravings better? Why do we have these mood swings, cravings, pain, and fatigue? Let's get some control and understanding around this very prominent part of our life as a woman. We will go over the 4 phases of your cycle, covering breathing techniques, nutrition, and exercises that will work better at the different phases within your cycle. 

Group classes- 4-weeks- $250

Mothers and their Baby

Supporting You

Customize a visit. Perinatal, prenatal, breastfeeding, breathing techniques, a postpartum prep or newborn education class. This may be an hour-long visit with me in person or an online information or breathing session. We can design a session to best help you and your family however you may need. Prices vary. Sliding scale $45/$55/$65/$75 per hour.


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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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