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Heart and Breath Connection

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

The connection between your heart and your breath is one of the most important relationships you can foster for your overal well-being.

Did you know we breathe 30,000 times every single day. But most of our society is breathing dysfunctionally, only utilizing about 60% of our breath. This means that every day we are continuously completely throwing away about 40% (almost half) of our main energy supply. We live in a world with majority of people feeling tired and anxious.

So now try and find your pulse. Take a slow inhale and an even longer exhale. Notice when inhaling your pulse speeds up then when you exhale it slows. This is the first indicator on how your breath affects your heart. Your heart rate tends to follow your breath and then your mind follows your heart rate. So if you are breathing fast, hypoventilation, stressful breathing, or holding your breath, your heart will race and then your mind follows with anger, anxiety, fear, or panic ect.

By connecting your breath and your heart you will be in control of your reactions, anxiety/ racing mind, sleep, moods, and more …

We want focus on slowling down the breath so that our heart rate slows and our mind stays calm and resilient. But before we can learn this we need to learn what it truly means relax, rest and digest.

With the Heart and Breath Connection Class we can learn to feel our heart. Respond rather than react. To truly know the feeling of relaxation, so we can live in our bodies and get out of our heads.

Individual and group classes through Breath of a Woman.

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